The Founding (2016) Edit

Vayle Flag

The flag of the Vayle homeland far far away from the main lands of Graal

Founder of the family = Corvo Vayle

Vayle is 1 of the 5 modern day families that made up the mighty empire of Guilnea alongside Wulf (Royals) Trebus (Cavalry) Oceanis (Navy) Gage (Rangers). Back when Vayle started it was known as a shady family of spies, one not to be trusted so easily. The goal of the family was to gain information on anything that was relevant to Guilnea so that they could know when and where everything was happening. “Listen to everything but reveal nothing” This was the first moral of the Vayle family. They took pride in being the silent professionals that no one else dared to be, listening to what the king would say yet doing so in a way that remained mysterious to the other houses.

When Guilnea had split and disappeared four of the five families had disappeared with it. Vayle was one of the four, though unlike the other three that did, Vayle still remained active within the shadows, trying to learn more and more for unknown reasons.

2017 Edit

The royal family of Wulf had remained active and formed an empire of their own to replace the Guilnean empire that once was, for many months Wulf was by itself, recruiting outside members to remain a force within the lands, something no other family has done before. Eventually a man returned to Wulf, a man with a new name and with him the remains of what was once a mighty family of spies. Vayle and Wulf were reunited.

Though once a family of spies, 2017 saw the change of a philosophy within the Vayle family, not long after Corvo Vayle (founder of the Vayle family) returned to his former allies was he given a new rank, one which would ultimately lay change to the entire future of the family as they knew it. Corvo had become the Royal Protector of the Wulf family, and so he made an oath that from now on anyone within the Vayle family would now be trained for one noble purpose… To protect the royal family no matter what the cost. Once they were a family of spies, hiding in the shadows like rats, now they’re the most trusted blades within the lands that hold the high honour of protecting the king and his family. This is the story of the Vayle family.

13/07/17 Edit

This date marks the day the crown of Guilnea changed families for the first time ever. For many years since the first Guilnea, the crown has remained with the Wulf family, however on this day with Fletcher gone and Sakata the remaining prince giving up on Wulf, the crown found its way to Medwyn Vayle, and thus Medwyn was to become the first ever king of Guilnea who was not from the royal family of Wulf, but instead the Royal Protecting family of Vayle.

Vayle family crest

The Vayle family crest