Today was the official opening of the Graal Community Wiki and this has caused alot of effect on our current community in GraalClassic, we have had trolls from the military wiki bringing over the cancer i wanted the proper wiki to be away from, all in all, its just butthurt kids because from one of my first pages i spoke about why i made the wiki, this caused someone to submit his resignation to GraalClassic. To be honest i didn't think it would cause this much effect to actually make him want to leave, i'd much prefer if he was less aggro and fixated on false beliefs, such as Sehzan and Crawford not being a military but i have proven him wrong with his very own words so thats just a dead point and shouldn't even be attempted to bring back as you would look like an absolute dumbshit without any evidence to back yourself up. I'm not gonna roast Fessler cause i already know i won but seriously if your reading this Fessler, if you can actually improve yourself as a human being i'd say your okay, i made this wiki for everyone and i don't want the wiki to be turned into a daily brawl where i have to roast and ip ban a bunch of faggots, anyways this has been the Graal Community Wiki's first day, enjoy the cancer cause it won't last

he proved himself wrong ha


Rest In Pixels