Its no secret that Fessler got destroyed mentally after my article about why i made this wiki in the first place but for him to actually resign and come back a couple days later is a good example to show that this toxic cell will never stop leeching off graalclassic. Ive just noticed the comments have been deleted from the page that Fessler resigned on which is bullshit because now they are going to deny it. Well lucky i have a pretty good copy of it, so no one can ever forget the resignation of Sol Fessler and how he fell down to his knees in defeat. I also find it funny the amount of hypocrisy he has after writing that article where he sucked my dick. Goodluck Fessy, morale is looking pretty low on your side, sooner or later it will break down ;D GG

1) It is shown how much of a hypocrite Fessler really is, if you compare this evidence to my other image. 2) This is just a cry for help, Fessler has no real arguement and is looking for something solid to have against Sehzan but the fact is he has nothing, thats why he quit.


Fessler is really dumb for even trying to make a comeback to the community.